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Codie Rae, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Helping busy, beautiful, badass women learn how to stop dieting, stop restricting, and start living their

unique lifestyle!

I help women find sustainability, consistency, and a nutrition and fitness routine that fits THEIR lifestyle. 


Meet Codie

Hi beautiful! My name is Codie - it’s so nice to meet you! I can’t wait to chat all about YOU when you choose your program, but for now, I want you to get to know ME too!


I’m a fun loving, adventurous, passionate soul living in North County, San Diego, and I pride myself in truly living every single day to its fullest. Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach turned health coach, I am truly living my dream and my passion and I can hardly believe I get to do this for a living. 


Which brings me to my WHY. It's not fair that women always feel they can’t have it all. They can’t lose the weight, eat the donut, drink the wine, or go have fun with their friends. It's not fair that women feel they don’t have time to work out, or prioritize themselves… AND THAT'S WHY... I do it. I help women craft their dream life… brie cheese, sauv blanc, reeses and all, and give them the tools to find the balance to be their healthiest self while also living their life the way it’s meant to be lived.


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I loved working with Codie. She is such an easy person to be open with. She was always checking in on me and making sure I felt supported throughout my coaching weeks. She helped me not only shape the way I think about food and fitness but also the way I think about myself. Codie gave me so many personally powerful tools that have helped me shape my mindset about nutrition, fitness and self-care (planning out days, planning rest time, incorporating my favorite things like dessert and wine). I learned so much - about myself and about nutrition. I walked away from her coaching with a nutrition plan that is sustainable for life and a healthier mindset than ever before. 


I am a happier and healthier me. Week by week, I loved how we took one thing and really focused on it. Two of my favorites were water intake and incorporating a bedtime routine. I look back to myself 12 weeks ago and I didn't think about my night routines or nutrition (or if I did, it was because of one of those popular diets or unrealistic Pinterest diets). Through working with Codie I have a plan for what I buy each week and it's been so helpful to be able to ask weekly about certain foods as they came up (Trader Joe's meals) and learn more about what's actually healthy. 


Meghan R.


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