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Codie Rae, Health & Lifestyle Coach

My Story

My journey of fitness/nutrition started about 6 years ago, but my journey to help women on the level I do now, health and lifestyle coaching, started in July of 2019. I’ve always known I could help women WAY more than just counting their reps at the gym, or facilitating a group workout class. I realized after years of experience that people’s pain points weren’t the workout they were doing with their trainer. It was what happened OUTSIDE of the gym. Nutrition, weekends, family, work, mindset… the list goes on. 


After experiencing one of the biggest tragedies I will probably ever face in my life in June of 2019, my view on life and how it’s meant to be lived completely changed. I knew it was time to live my purpose and help people in a way that most other “trainers” don’t. I learned that life isn’t about showing up to the gym on time and going through the motions, it's about how you deal with the hardships and the stress of everyday life. How do we live our healthiest, most fulfilled life, with all of life's obstacles??? 


Which brought me right here, speaking to you! And I’ve truly never felt more fulfilled getting to do the work I'm doing and working with the women I get to work with. This coaching journey isn’t about restriction, fast results, and not enjoying the things you like to enjoy. It’s actually the exact opposite. Do you like to have wine after a long work day? Only have 10 min/day to work out? Can’t afford shopping at whole foods? It's okay. Everyone deserves to feel their best and look their best. And we will make it happen.

 Credentials & Expertise

See below for my certifications! I want you to remember one thing when choosing a coach -  It’s about their values, and what they stand for. It’s about their experiences, not their certifications. It’s about their true passion, and vision for their client, not how many tests they took.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach 

Crossfit L1 Certified

Now, let's get to the fun stuff...

My favorite way to spend

Sunday afternoon:

Farmers market, beach, and christmas movies. Even when it’s not christmas time :)

Codie Ray on Beach
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