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Project YOU February

A group of women, all striving toward the same thing you are, holding each other accountable, and lifting each other up… what more could you need?!

Are you...

  • Struggling to lose weight, whether it's 5, 15, or 30lbs?

  • Sick and tired of feeling alone in your journey and your struggles?

  • Finally ready to prioritize YOU and start living your dream lifestyle?​

I've got just the thing!

Project you is a group course built for women who are looking to shed a little or a lot of weight, find routines that work for them, and develop the skills to live a healthy lifestyle, while also living their lives. Life is not meant to be lived feeling guilty for eating the cookie, or drinking 3 glasses of wine, and my Project You ladies know that. We give you the tools to balance health, fitness, nutrition, a healthy mindset, routines, travel, trips, dinners, girls nights… and never feel bad about it.

Codie Rae, Health & Lifestyle Coach
Girl on the beach with surfboard

What's included?

The 12 week program includes: 

  • Individual meal guidelines & macro goals

  • Individual workout regimen

  • Biweekly Codie & Group check in calls 

  • Monthly Codie & Client check in calls

  • Weekly Codie & Client check ins (monthly goal setting, accountability & learnings, weekend/trip planning)

  • Daily group messenger check ins (accountability, daily reflection, questions answered, picture sharing, motivation, etc)

  • Enrollment in individual online client portal (weight inputs, measurements, progress photos, task completion)

  • Others: Meal prep idea pack, recipe pack, workout pack

How it works...

1)   Fill out the coaching application form/add name to waitlist

2)  Book your free discovery call with Codie or a support coach

3)  Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

We don’t do diets. We don't restrict. We don’t negative self talk. We live, we eat what we love, and we are confident AF. We can’t wait to welcome you to the group, beauty!


Working with Codie was incredible, life changing, inspiring and the list goes on. Working with Codie was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my 23 years of life. She taught me how to put my big girl panties on and Put. In. The. Work.


Holy moly, I’m a whole new person, if that. I could go on and on about the changes I have noticed  but the main thing is that I have finally been able to become the person I had always dreamed of becoming by living and sustaining a healthy, balanced life. I don’t have to watch fit girls instagrams and be like “wow I wish I had that”, cause I’M DOING IT. I loved her inspiring voice memos, any time I would doubt myself or my ability I would get a minute and a half, fire under my ass, pep talk that could change my day and week within minutes.



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