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1:1 Coaching

Stop dieting. Stop restricting. Grab your wine, and let’s do the damn thing!

Are you...

  • Tired of dieting over and over again, and never finding something that sticks?

  • Wondering when you’ll ever find the balance of being able to be healthy, AND enjoy your life?

  • Feel like you haven’t really found anything that works with YOUR lifestyle?


Get ready to go from frustrated, stressed, & out of control of your routines, to confident, fulfilled, and ready to conquer the rest of your life.

I help women customize their fitness regimen and nutrition routine to THEIR specific lifestyle. There is no one size fits all to health- and it’s time to find what works for YOU. Want to eat dessert every night and not feel bad about it? Let's do it. Only have time to workout 10 min per day? That's ok! Never find time to prioritize yourself because of your crazy, busy life? That’s my expertise.


I’m here for you!

Codie Rae, Health & Lifestyle Coach with glass of wine

Through my 1:1 coaching program, you will go from feeling like you can’t get off the rollercoaster of ups and downs, to feeling in control, consistent, and that you can sustain your lifestyle forever. You will identify what is holding you back mentally and physically, and how to find ways to combat that. We are 100% focused on YOU, your life, your needs, your goals, for 3 months!!!

What's included?

My 4 month, 6 month, or 1 year health coaching program includes:

  • Customized meal guidelines

  • Customized workout plan (option for in person training for addtl cost if local)

  • Weekly coaching call check in  (weekly goal setting, accountability & learnings, weekend planning)

  • Daily messenger check ins (accountability, daily reflection, questions answered, etc)

  • Enrollment in customized online client portal (weight inputs, measurements, progress photos, task completion)

How it works...

1)   Fill out the coaching application form

2)  Codie will reach out via text if she thinks this is a fit for you

3)  Start smashing your goals!


Codie really helped me get back on track! I was finding myself so burnt out of my everyday routine and was letting 2020 really get the best of me. She celebrated my wins and also held me accountable when I was slacking. It was the BEST experience working with her! I still ask myself “would Codie approve” when I am debating between pizza & a salad ;) I feel Smarter! She gave me insight into how essential nutrition is to my mental and physical health. I have a much better relationship with food than ever before.

And since I’ve been working from home, I got into a habit of sleeping in until I had to check my emails and was really missing the early morning grind. It was the hardest part but Codie helped me dig deep to get back into my early morning routine.



Ready to get started?

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