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  • What's the difference between Project You and 1:1 coaching?
    Project You is done in a group setting, with group accountability. It is also mainly focused on weight loss and lifestyle change. You will receive personal training workouts in project you, as well as participate in a group zoom workout. 1:1 is the most customized program I offer. Everything happens with just me and you. It doesn’t have to be focused on weight loss, it can be focused on other goals you may be working towards.
  • What if i can’t pay the entire coaching amount in full?
    Don’t fret! I want to make sure this feels right for you as much as it may feel right for me to have you! Let's talk through it and establish a plan you feel comfortable with.
  • Are there options to continue coaching after my program is over?
    DUH! I would never leave you hanging. Always.
  • Will I get my deposit back if I choose not to move forward?
    No, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • What if I have questions about your programs before I sign up?
    I am here to answer all the questions!!! Head over to my contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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