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Dream Girl Summer 2024

My favorite program EVER. The group health coaching program of your dreams!

Do you...

  • Often feel you need outside motivation to achieve goals?

  • Have trouble losing weight and need an extra push to get there?

  • Have a hard time holding yourself accountable for a long period of time?


In my group health coaching program, DREAM GIRL, you will go from feeling stagnant, stuck, and uninspired... to feeling like the healthy girl you've always dreamt of. This is my SIGNATURE group coaching program... and I have YET to have a client who hasn't seen results!

What it includes:

  • THEME OF THE MONTH: A monthly health focus & team challenge to hold you accountable to your healthiest self. 

  • MONTHLY GROUP CALL: A monthly group coaching call with Coach Codie & other Dream Girls to chat about goals, next months focus/challenges, struggles, questions, and more. 

  • DREAM GIRL SLACK CHANNEL: A group chat with daily accountability checkins from Coach Codie, as well as meal & workout photo sharing, healthy routine inspiration, day to day motivation, and goal accountability from the group. 

  • RECIPE OF THE MONTH: A monthly recipe for everyone to make together, on their own time. 

  • BIMONTHLY TEAM BOOK: A book we will read as a team, every two months, that will provide insight/tools to help you reach your healthiest self. 

  • ENROLLMENT IN ONLINE COACHING PORTAL: An online Dream Girl portal to fill out weekly reflections, meal planning, weekly weight, etc. 


The financial commitment for Dream Girl 2024 is only $8 per day! In hopes of reaching as many women as possible, this is my most inexpensive program I offer. To reward you for prioritizing yourself, use promo code SUMMERBOD at check out for $100 off your deposit! 



Codie really helped me get back on track! I was finding myself so burnt out of my everyday routine and was letting 2020 really get the best of me. She celebrated my wins and also held me accountable when I was slacking. It was the BEST experience working with her! I still ask myself “would Codie approve” when I am debating between pizza & a salad ;) I feel Smarter! She gave me insight into how essential nutrition is to my mental and physical health. I have a much better relationship with food than ever before.

And since I’ve been working from home, I got into a habit of sleeping in until I had to check my emails and was really missing the early morning grind. It was the hardest part but Codie helped me dig deep to get back into my early morning routine.



Ready to get started?

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