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Custom Nutrition Plans

Welcome to the diet that's not a diet!

Learn how to eat in a sustainable way - no restricting and no dieting, it's all about that balance!

These nutrition plans are different from the rest. They are completely CUSTOMIZED. To your goals, your loves, your palette, and your indulgences. As your coach, my mission is to provide you with a plan you feel you can sustain for the next 30 years - and that's exactly what we’ll do.


The Codie Rae Coaching accountability program is an extension of the program you just completed. It is designed to give you a little more space to hold yourself accountable, so you will eventually feel 100% confident doing this on your own- forever! 

Codie Rae, Nutrition Coach

My custom nutrition plans include:

  • 1 month nutrition plan, that can be used for as long as you want! 

  • Options/alternatives for every meal, for easy opportunity to switch up your meals

  • A guide you can always look back on for proper portion sizes, and meals that will fuel you

  • No restrictions and no dieting


Cost:   $379

How it works...

  • Purchase your custom meal plan (purchase above)

  • Fill out our intake form (button below)

  • Fall in love with actually eating things you LOVE, while hitting your goals!

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