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FITTER this winter!

A 6 week SELF guided program that will help you achieve your healthiest, most badass self ever!!!

Every Saturday you will receive: 

  1. Weekly workouts (intermediate and advanced options)

  2. A weekly fun recipe and a weekly meal prep recipe

  3. Weekly tasks that will progressively increase to move you closer to the best you 

  4. Weekly video modules with challenges and tips from Coach Codie

  5. Forms/goal sheets to fill out each weekend to prep you for the new week

  6. An "Ideal Day" that you will strive to hit at least once that week

Other goodies: 

  1. Every other week you will submit your weight, measurements and progress photos 

  2. A holiday health guide so you will move through the holidays successfully

  3. You are enrolled in a client portal where you will check off your tasks each week and fill out all forms for accountability 

You are submitting your deposit of $100 that will come out of your full payment of $329. Enrollment doors opening soon!

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