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Codie Rae Community

Your ONE STOP SHOP for everything you need, nutrition and fitness! 

Nutrition is HARD. Most people don't have tiiiime to take care of allll of life's duties, AND think about what to buy at the store, if you're eating to hit your goals, if you're getting the right amount of nutrients, what to make with the items you bought, etc etc etc. 

If this is something you struggle with, or would rather just NOT have to worry about, Codie Rae Community is for you...

Not only is CRC jam-packed with workout content, so you can achieve all of your fitness goals, it is the one-stop shop for an EASIER fitness and nutrition journey! 

The Codie Rae Community includes: 

  • A brand new written workout posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, that you can do in your own time allll with just a set of dumbbells! 

  • A weekly nutrition plan (THE WEEKLY PREP), complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert, with a FULL grocery list! All you have to do is show up to the grocery store with your PDF. I'm doing allll the work for you! 

  • A weekly recipe, approved by ME (Coach Codie), for you to try! These recipes are scheduled in your meal plan. 

  • A monthly interactive live video broadcasted by ME (Coach Codie), a chat about a certain topic that will educate you into becoming the healthiest version of yourself. 

  • Access to an archive of over 100 pre recorded live workouts, for a more "in person" feel to your workouts! 


How it works...

1.  Request access to FB group - Codie Rae Community

2.  Start your free 7-day trial and start sweating with us!

3.  Begin your monthly subscription


$62 per month

This is a subscription & a recurring membership

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